Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Steacy, C. N. (2017). Geographies of attachment and despair: Evoking the ambivalence of place(ment) through poetic analysis of decline. GeoHumanities. 3(1), 144-157.  DOI:10.1080/2373566X.2017.1292113

Steacy, C. N., Williams, B., Petterson, C. and Kurtz, H. (2016). Placing the ‘analyst’ in discourse analysis: Iteration, emergence, and dialogicality as situated process. The Professional Geographer, 68(1), 166-73. DOI:10.1080/00330124.2015.1065550

Steacy, C. N. (2015). Constituting decline: Discursive practice and critical understanding of abandonment in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Geographer, 53(2), 3-34. Full Text


Book Reviews

Steacy, C. N. (2017). American cinema and the southern imaginary, by D. Barker & K. McKee (Eds.). (Review). Journal of Material Culture. 49(2) 97-99. Full Text

Steacy, C. N. (2016). Beautiful, terrible ruins: Detroit and the anxiety of decline, by D. Apel. (Review). The Southeastern Geographer, 56(2), 254-56.


Articles & Chapters in Review

Burke, B., Welch-Devine, M, and Steacy, C. N. (in review). Observing biodiversity and understanding climate change in southern Appalachia. Nature, Science, and Society.

Welch-Devine, M, Burke, B., and Steacy, C. N. (in review). Understanding climate change and planning for the future in southern Appalachia. A. Sourdril and M. Welch-Devine (eds.) Biodiversity perceptions as drivers of local understandings of environmental change.


Manuscripts in Production

Steacy, C. N., Welch-Devine, M., and Burke, B.J. On the urban periphery: Negotiating environmental change through the (anti-)urban cultural imaginary in Southern Appalachia. Planned submission to Geographical Review (Fall 2017)

Steacy, C. N., Welch-Devine, M., and Burke, B.J. Free-listing climate change: Re-appropriating quantitative technique through interpretive practice. Planned submission to Qualitative Research (Spring 2018)

Steacy, C. N. Critical textualities: Discourse analysis and the interrogation of race. Planned Submission to Space & Culture (Summer 2018)